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Thursday, 14 December, 2017

You Can�t Take Pakistan Out Of Cricket: You Can�t Keep Cricket Out Of Pakistan

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94 days ago

t was a pleasant morning in March of 2009. I had just woken up and was getting ready to go to work. Cricket and especially Test Cricket always used to be in the back of my head no matter what I was doing. While heading to work, I was thinking about the spanking the inexperienced Pakistani bowling line up had received at the hands of Sangakkara, Samaraweera and Dilshan, each of whom had scored in excess of triple figures. Sri Lanka had piled on a mammoth 606 in the first innings and all hopes of winning a home series seemed to be fading away. Pakistan had shown hopes of squeezing out a draw by giving only a wicket away for 110 at the end of the 2nd day of the play. A classic day of patient Test Cricket beckoned. But then horror struck when I reached my office and turned the TV on to check the score. The Sri Lankan team bus had been attacked and there were fears of a player getting seriously injured, there were even rumors of one of Sri Lankan players dying in the attack at first. My heart sank. We had been deprived of International Cricket at home for two years before Sri Lanka finally decided to come to Pakistan and now this? Surely no one in their right minds would come to play here now. The whole nation was heartbroken, devastated. FOR MORE>... »

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