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Thursday, 14 December, 2017

Don�t Bully And Don�t Get Bullied

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109 days ago

The term Bullying can be described as unwanted hostile behavior and is considered a common problem in many schools. Bullying is often defined as a repeated behavior and can potentially hurt and humiliate the victim either physically or emotionally. It has been witnessed that people are mostly bullied owing to their appearance, race, religion or any disability. There are generally two types of bullying - explicit and implicit. The acts of explicit bullying includes hitting, fighting and shoving, calling bad names, however stealing and damaging another person�s possession are also considered a part of physical bullying. Implicit bullying attitudes include gossip, an excluding a person from a group intentionally. Often time�s physically strong children bully physically weak children at a very early age. Bullying generally begins at school children who bully other children either physically or emotionally tend to continue this inappropriate behavior the rest of their lives. It is obvious that �old habits die hard�; children who bully others later result in manipulative and inconsiderate adults. Bullying therefore is not a behavior which is confined within the four walls of a school but it can take place at any level. People in their adult lives are at times double crossed in various relations this can be considered a part of this act. FO RMORE>>> »

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